Thursday, December 18, 2008

3-Tiers Wedding Cake

Wedding Mohd Najmuddin & Hafizah
14th Dec 08
Bukit Antarabangsa

Thanks to Salwa (my student) and the family.

Mega Project 2

1000pc of doorgift cupcakes
Vanilla Buttercake

12pc of cupcakes for special doorgift.
For Meja pengantin.

The Making of Mega Project 2

Friday 12th Dec 08

Morning, sent anak2 to nursery, breakfast dating with hubby. 10.30am started baking cc. 3.00pm finish baking 350pc cc. Had lunch with LIA, my officemate, 4.00pm continue baking. 6.30pm finish baking 450pc of cc. Lega dh siap 800pc another 200pc to go.

After Maghrib, went to Nadiah's wedding reception at Kampung Pengantin, Ampang. 11.00pm sampai rumah sambung swirl another 500pc swirl drop flower. 2.3oam., ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.....

After subuh, deco fiza's cake. Fiza is my regular customer definitely can't reject her order. I said i will do only simple deco. Even she edited the picture herself, lagipun Fiza expert guna adobe photoshop....Sorry la fiza, che'pah tk sempat.

Cake: Sponge Cake
Filling: Blueberry
Topping: Buttercream
Deco: Edible Pics & Buttercream

Happy Belated Birthday to Syafiq
(huhu...fiza ni muda dr che'pah anak dh umur 11 tahun...)

Saturday 13th Dec08

After breakfast with 2 nephews yg jadi assistant, 10.00am start topping the cc. I continued baking another 200pc of cc and leave my nephews doing the topping. Che'pah pun tk sangka, Allah bag kekuatan boleh bake 1000pc of cc alone.... Alhamdulillah... syukur...

Finished topping 1000pc by 2.00pm. Cepat gak budak2 beginner ni buat keje... After lunch prosperity mcD, start packaging the cc. By 7.30pm finished.... Alhamdulillah... so tinggal 3 tiers cake to go. Takpe cake tu kena buat mlm2 baru dtg idea....

Topping the cc.... senyum. (Mira-left, Zura-right)

Packaging the cc.... masih senyum...(Mira minat nk jadi hair designer, zura plk minat nk jadi chef)

1000pc of cc ready to go....

9.00pm customer datang collect the cc. Rest kejap, bg anak2 tidur dulu baru start deco 3 tiers wedding cake... buat slowly bagi feel...layan je....4.30am baru ZZZZZZZZZZZ....... sayang nk tinggalkan kek tu sorang2....


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