Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CLASS MODULE: Fondant Cake

Class: Fondant Cake
Location: Bandar Sri Damansara
Time: 10.00am - 6.00pm
Fee: RM300

Class Fondant Cake

* How to make homemade fondant
* How to make gumpaste flowers
* How to make Royal Icing
* How to cover cake
* Various type of decorations
  • patchwork pattern
  • frills
  • alphabets cutters
  • crimping technique
  • colouring & dusting technique
  • royal icing
If interested please email to chepahcutecakes@yahoo.com

Chocolate Box Pink

Ordered by Syikin. TQVM

More pictures at FB Choc: Chocolate Boc

Maroon & White

More pictures at FB CC-Hantaran

Black & White

Ordered by Yati. TQVM

Green Tiers Wedding Cake

Ordered by Lysa from MK Land

Purple Tiers Cake

Ordered by Lysa from MK Land. TQVM


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